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Selasa, 01 Februari 2011

What A WOW?

Hey, there are my little angel and older hero :)
Its like miracle to meet them, yang ganteng yang jauuuh di ujung kulon akhirnya singgah ke timur. Laaaaauuuugh Ouuuuuuuuttt Supeeeeer Loooooooud to met together @Malang. Even my older angel cant come with us. But is really really impressive. My suck problem ? I can get over it :P.Every second per meter my handsome always make a joke :D He always make me laugh out of control and get a stomacache. What the hell he is. And at the nite we (re: all of my family) met "calon kakak ipar" maybe. hahaha. For the first time i can observe his venny. Wow she looked beautiful. Look at here, my brother took a picture from us.
ah, completely happy! And guess what, after my family met this girl, They met my loooooooovelyyyyyy boyfriend love love love ;)

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